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Empowering Black American Youth and Communities for a Brighter Tomorrow

At A Cup of Tea with a Black Woman, we are dedicated to igniting change by empowering Black American youth and communities. Our mission is rooted in the belief of the exceptional potential within Black communities, fostering education, empowerment, and unwavering support through various initiatives. See our media mockup image gallery of a cup of tea with a Black woman's plan for the future for Black American communities!

Our Vision

Our community center is more than just a building; it's a movement towards building a brighter, inclusive, and harmonious future. Our plans include:

  • Educational Programs that inspire critical thinking and creativity.

  • Entrepreneurship Support to transform dreams into reality.

  • Health & Wellness Initiatives for a thriving community.

  • Community Support Spaces that promote unity and resilience.

  • Art and Cultural Stages to celebrate our heritage.

  • Inclusive Spiritual Spaces for all faiths.

  • Peace Gardens for reflection and connection.

Our Financial Goals

Creating this transformative space is a monumental task, one that requires significant investment in land, construction, program development, and operational costs. We estimate the initial setup and the first year of operation to require an investment ranging from $5 million to $30 million. This includes:

  • Land Acquisition and Construction: Creating a space that embodies our vision.

  • Program Development: Laying the groundwork for impactful programs.

  • Operational Costs: Ensuring the sustainability of our center.

How You Can Make a Difference

We invite you to join us in this transformative journey. Your support can take various forms:

  • Grants and Funding: We seek partnerships with organizations and governments that share our vision of community empowerment.

  • Corporate Sponsorships: Align your brand with innovation, community development, and social responsibility.

  • Philanthropic Contributions: Make a lasting impact through significant investments in the future of Black American communities.

  • Crowdfunding Support: Every contribution brings us closer to realizing our vision.

Transparency and Accountability

We commit to transparency and accountability at every step. Our detailed business plan, feasibility studies, and consultations with experts as funding is provided to execute, will be used as a guide to our financial planning and project execution. We pledge to provide regular updates on our progress, financials, and the tangible impacts of your contributions once we have a team in place and funded to execute.

Join Our Mission

Your support is crucial to turning our vision into reality. Together, we can create a space that fosters education, wellness, entrepreneurship, and unity. A place where Black American youth and communities can thrive.

Become a part of this historic endeavor.

Let's sip from the cup of hope together and forge a path to a brighter future for generations to come.

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Plan for the future: About

Short Term: Sponsorship Opportunities

A Cup of Tea with a Black Woman is on a mission to empower Black American youth, improve communities, and address historical challenges. We can't do it alone – it takes everyone working together to create lasting change. Your support can make a significant impact on our initiatives, and we want to show you where your dollars will go.

Project 1: Mobile "Tea" Truck for Community Building

We understand that establishing a community center cannot be an immediate goal due to structural and financial barriers. Instead, we're taking a mobile approach to deliver services directly to historically Black communities impacted by social determinants of health. Our mobile "tea" trucks will provide:

  • Weekly meals with healthy drink options

  • Resources in the pillars of Personal Advancement, Financial Wellness, Health Education, and S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math)

  • Learning spaces for students

Estimated Costs:

  • Mobile food truck with a learning space and activity space.

  • Building a library of Black history books for community giveaways and resources 

  • Operational costs for one truck (permits, licensing, insurance, equipment, staffing, etc.)

Project 2: Culturally Appropriate Financial Wellness Workbooks & Journals

In the long term, we aim to provide various learning resources for Black American students, including games, movies, workshops, and more. In the short term, we want to equip students with financial literacy and wellness habits through workbooks, hands-on experiences, games, books, and journals.

Additional Needs:

  • Hiring learning specialists and curriculum developers/industry leaders

  • Publishing and printing of workbooks and journals, including acquistion of exisiting resources.

Your sponsorship will help us create a culturally appropriate financial wellness curriculum and educational resources for K-12 students, empowering them to make informed financial decisions and build a brighter future.

We are grateful for any support you can provide. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of Black American youth and communities.

Join us in making a difference today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Black Americans unique?

Black Americans are unlike any other group on Earth, representing a rich tapestry of cultures and uncommon experiences. We believe in celebrating this uniqueness and consider the Black community exceptional.

Why do you prefer the term "Black" over "African American"?

We use the term "Black" to honor the unique history of Black Americans in the United States. We believe that unspecific terms like "African American" can obscure this history and have unintended consequences. We are committed to preserving the distinctiveness of Black culture.

How can I support your organization financially?

Donations can be made through our website via PayPal by selecting "Donate" button. Your generous contributions enable us to continue our vital work in empowering Black American youth and communities.

Do you accept donations of Black history books and school supplies?

Yes, we welcome donations of Black history books and school supplies to support our educational programs at local events. Please contact us at to arrange deliveries.

How can I get personally involved in your mission?

Community involvement, support from the Black overclass, and funding are crucial to our success. You can get involved by volunteering, donations, hosting events in your area (submit a request through our website), sharing our mission on social media, and attending events hosted by us.

Can I share my ideas or feedback with the founder?

Absolutely! Our founder is dedicated to using this non-profit to create positive change within Black communities. We welcome any ideas or feedback from our supporters to help us achieve our mission.

Are there sponsorship opportunities for large financial donors?

Yes, we have sponsorship "projects" available for large financial donors who want to make a substantial impact on our initiatives. Your support can help us reach our goals and create a brighter future for Black American youth.

Plan for the future: About
Plan for the future: Pro Gallery
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