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Empowerment Through Professional Resume Services

Empowering Black American Youth and Communities for a Brighter Tomorrow

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Welcome to A Cup of Tea with a Black Woman’s Resume Services. We offer a range of affordable and professional resume services tailored to meet your career needs. Whether you’re looking for a basic review or a complete rewrite for a tech role, we are here to help you succeed. By leveraging our services, you are not just investing in your future but also contributing to the empowerment of Black communities.

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The Importance of Completing a Resume Review

Elevate Your Professional Image and Online Presence

At A Cup of Tea with a Black Woman, our mission is to empower Black American youth and communities for a brighter tomorrow. We believe in the exceptional potential within Black communities, and our commitment is to foster education, empowerment, and unwavering support.
In today’s competitive job market, having a polished and professional resume is crucial. Our PowerPoint presentation delves into the importance of completing a resume review, emphasizing how it can enhance your professional image, online presence, and communication skills. These insights are integral not only for individual growth but also for advancing consumer, business, and cultural values within our community.
Through our initiatives, we promote education, financial literacy, health and wellness, and STEAM skills, inspiring and equipping the next generation of Black leaders, innovators, and changemakers. By perfecting your resume, you are taking a significant step toward these goals. Explore our presentation to learn more about how a well-crafted resume can boost your career prospects and contribute to our collective mission. Join us on our transformative journey, where together, we sip from the cup of hope, forging a path to a brighter, inclusive, and harmonious tomorrow for all.

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Our Services

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Empowering Your Career Journey: A Guide to Crafting Professional Resumes

  • Practical advice for creating impactful resumes

  • Step-by-step guidelines for effective resume writing

  • Tips for tailoring your resume to specific job roles

  • Examples of successful resumes and cover letters

  • Insights into crafting the perfect resume

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is "A Cup of Tea with a Black Woman"?

  • We are a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering Black American youth and communities through various initiatives, including education, financial literacy, health and wellness, and STEAM skills development.

How can I contact you for more information?

What services do you offer?

  • We offer a variety of resume services including Basic Review, Detailed Edit, Complete Rewrite, Tech-Specific Optimization, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, and Mock Interview Prep. We also offer bundle packages that combine these services for comprehensive support.

What is included in the resume prep e-book?

  • Our resume prep e-book includes tips and guidelines for creating an effective resume, covering formatting, structure, and content optimization.

Do you offer discounts on your services?

  • Yes, we offer bundle packages at a discounted rate compared to purchasing individual services separately.

How do I book a service?

Select your desired service or package, and follow the instructions to schedule your session(s).

What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards and secure online payments through our website.​

Is full payment required upfront?

  • Yes, full payment is required upfront for all services and packages.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • No cancellation fee if canceled 24 hours in advance. If you fail to cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours before the appointment, you will still be charged for the session. Missed calls or failure to attend scheduled sessions without prior notice will result in the full package amount being charged, with no refunds provided.

What is your refund policy?

  • No refunds will be issued if you are unhappy with the service. We are committed to working with you to ensure satisfaction through follow-up reviews and adjustments.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

  • Yes, rescheduling is allowed up to 24 hours before the appointment without a fee.

How long are the packages valid?

  • Packages are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

What happens if I miss a scheduled session?

  • If you miss a scheduled session without prior notice, you will still be charged for the session, and no refunds will be provided.

What if I am unhappy with the services?

  • While we do not offer refunds, we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. We offer follow-up reviews and adjustments to meet your needs.

How do I access the free presentation on resume reviews?

  • The free presentation on the importance of resume reviews is included with every order and will be provided during your service.

How long does it take to receive my updated resume?

  • Our standard turnaround time is 3-5 business days, depending on the service selected.

Can I request revisions?

  • Yes, we offer one round of revisions within 30 days of delivery.

What if I don't have a current resume?

  • No problem! We can start from scratch with the Complete Rewrite service.

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