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Apply for Scholarship 2024: Welcome

Empowerment Scholarship 2024 for Black American Students

Welcome to the Empowerment Scholarship, proudly hosted by A Cup of Tea with a Black Woman. This scholarship aims to support the educational journey of Black American students by providing financial assistance for college application costs, college visits, and other college preparatory expenses.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be a current high school junior, rising to senior in the fall of 2024.

  • Open to Black American students.

  • Applicants must demonstrate academic achievement, leadership potential, and a commitment to community service.

Application Deadline:

April 30th, 2024

Award Amount: $1500.00

Application Process:

  1. Complete the online application form by the deadline,

    April 30th, 2024 11:59pm ET


  2. Finalists will be selected for a required interview

    prior to May 31st, 2024


  3. The winner will be contacted by May 31st, 2024.

How to Apply:

To apply for the Empowerment Scholarship, please fill out the online application form here: Empowering Black American Students 2024 Scholarship | A cup of tea with a Black woman

Essay Prompt:

As part of your application for the Empowerment Scholarship 2024, we invite you to watch Dr. Claude Anderson's YouTube video titled "Inappropriate Behavior: A Roadblock to Empowerment." The video is viewable on our "free resources" page or on youtube here:

After viewing the video, please reflect on the following questions:

  1. Impactful Moment:

    Which part of the YouTube video resonated with you the most, and why? Share your thoughts on how this particular segment of the video influenced your understanding of the challenges facing Black Americans today.

  2. Socioeconomic Improvement:

    Imagine a future where you have the power to improve the socioeconomic status of Black Americans. Based on your observations and insights from Dr. Anderson's video, outline specific strategies or initiatives you would implement to address the systemic barriers and inequalities that contribute to economic disparities within the Black community. Consider the importance of education, entrepreneurship, community empowerment, and policy advocacy in your response.

  3. Addressing Future Challenges:

    Recent reports suggest that the median income of Black Americans is projected to reach $0 by 2053. Given this concerning statistic, how do you believe your proposed solutions could help mitigate or reverse this trend? Discuss the long-term impact of your proposed initiatives and the importance of collective action in addressing socioeconomic inequities.

Essay Guidelines:

  • Your essay should be well-written, coherent, and demonstrate critical thinking skills.

  • Aim for a minimum of 500 words but feel free to exceed this word count if needed to fully address the prompt.

  • Provide specific examples, evidence, or personal experiences to support your arguments and perspectives.

Finalist Interviews:

  1. As part of the scholarship selection process, finalists may be required to participate in an interview. Interviews will be conducted via [Microsoft Teams Online Call] and are an opportunity for finalists to further showcase their qualifications and passion for our mission.

  2. Proof of Enrollment: To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must submit proof of enrollment as a current junior, rising to senior in fall 2024. Please email your proof of enrollment document to with the subject line "[Empowerment Scholarship 2024 Applicant (your first name and last name)] Proof of Enrollment" by the application deadline.

Contact Information:

For inquiries or additional information, please contact

Submissions mailed to our P.O Box will not be accepted or eligible for scholarship.

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